Breville Juicer: Dual Disc Juice Processor 800JEXL Review

Breville 800JEXLBest of the best?go with the 800JEXL from Breville and never buy another juicer!  The Breville juicer's stainless steel sleek design will keep your countertop pretty while you embrace healthy living and juice, juice, juice!  This professional juicer boasts a wide circular feed tube, minimizing the need to chop so you save time.  This time saving element is essential to your health as it makes you more likely to juice multiple times per day.  Soft fruits and vegetables, such as bananas and kale, require low speed; hard fruits and vegetables, such as apples and carrots, require high speed.  Thus Breville lets you hop between speeds with the flip of a switch.  The micromesh filter is made of stainless steel; the sharp plated cutting disk is made of titanium.  Breville went the distance to make the highest quality juicer for the upscale lifestyle.

This Breville Juicer is simple to clean with parts that are safe for the dishwasher so you can simplify the cleanup job.  It also includes a 1-litre juice pitcher, a one-year limited warranty, and a three-year motor warranty.

About Breville

Breville is a 77 year old Australian home appliance manufacturer.  The company, still operated out of Sydney, makes multiple models of juicers, espresso machines, blenders, grills and other kitchen top appliances.  Breville launched in the United States in 2002 and has quickly dominated the market for juicers.

Breville Juicers are innovative and powerful with the highest quality materials such that the Breville juicer brand is frequently chosen by restaurants and juicerfranchises.

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Overall Score: A+
Ease of Cleaning:9.0
Customer Feedback:9.7

#1 Breville Juicer: Dual Disc Juice Processor 800JEXL -- on sale for $299!  Click here to Save $100


The Breville Juicer 800JEXL is our pick for the best juicer on the market. This professional juicer boasts a wide circular feed tube, minimizing the need to chop fruits and vegetables, and multi-speed settings that can be modified with a switch to optimize juicing soft, medium or hard fruits and vegetables. With a stainless steel micromesh filter and a titanium cutting disk, it is clear to us that the Breville BJE800XL is the best juicer available.

Overall Score: A
Ease of Cleaning:7.8
Customer Feedback:7.3

#2 Lalanne Power Juicer -- Click here to Save $40

Power Juicer

The Lalanne Power Juicer is a s trong name in the juicer business with a quiet motor and feed tube. We believe, the Lalanne Power Juicer is the right choice if you are cost-conscious. It is more than adequate, reliable, and a few hundred dollars less expensive than the best Breville models. The downside relative to Breville is a weaker motor and fewer speeds, which in the end leads to more chopping and a less refined juice. One other drawback to this juicer is the low spout, which makes it difficult to juice more than one glass of juice at a time. Those flaws aside, the juicer is a great juicer at a great price.

Overall Score: A
Ease of Cleaning:8.8
Customer Feedback:9.1

#3 Breville Ikon Juice Extractor BJE510XL -- Click here to Save $50


Another winner from Breville, the BJE510XL won the Australian Design Award. With a 3 inch wide feed tube, it is easy to juice whole fruits and vegetables. With outstanding attention to detail, the juicer comes with a solid stainless steel feed chute, thick acryllic parts, and adjustable settings of up to 5 speeds! The speeds range from 6500 rpm's for softer fruits and vegetables to 12500 rpm's for denser foods such as apples and carrots. This juicer is the less expensive version of the restaurant quality Breville BJE800XL. It is a great juicer. What makes it not quite as good as its more expensive cousin is more plastic parts and less of an industrial feel.

Overall Score: A-
Ease of Cleaning:8.7
Customer Feedback:9.2

#4 Waring Pro Health Juice Extractor JEX328 -- Click here to Save $30


The Waring Pro has a powerful 400W motor, an easy extraction process and simple cleaning. While the juicer is notorious for being noisy, customers give it overwhelmingly positive reviews for productivity and suggest they would make the same purchase were they to reconsider a juicer purchase. There is a five-year warranty on the extractor and 1-year warrant on the appliance itself.

Overall Score: B+
Ease of Cleaning:8.1
Customer Feedback:8.5

#5 Juiceman 2 Speed Juicer JM300 Review -- Click here to Save over $30


The Juiceman JM 300 produces fresh juice quickly with its large chute which is able to handle whole fruits or large pieces of vegetables. The motor is high quality, but not quite as strong as Breville (but stronger than the Lallanne Power Juicer). The juicer comes with a one-year warranty, and is simple to clean and use.

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